I was rocked by love and reality during my grandmother’s homegoing service this summer in Columbus, Georgia.  Many times the death of someone else, reminds us that we’re still alive but yet for what purpose? My heart was so broken that she had taken her last breath and left us unexpectedly. However, the way she lived her life full of purpose and the legacy she left behind spoke volumes to my heart. During her homegoing service, it felt as if God had sat down right next to me and put His arm around me saying “Hold your head up. Look at the richness of the life she lived out loud”. God began to share with me how HE was pleased with my life and where I had some growing up to do. My heart was encouraged one hundred percent! I walked away from laying my grandmother to rest, feeling more empowered about life itself.

I returned back to Michigan with a hotter flame! I’ve been given a greater assignment to live MORE intentional. To glorify God by any means necessary and inspire others while doing so.  I will blog about five different loves of my life, which I consider the theme as whole of who I am.

1) Faith 2) Family 3) Friendship 4) Fitness and 5) Fun. All in 5Heartbeats!

This is a God given assignment and I’m elated! I’ve not reached perfection in any of these areas, however I’m growing in grace. The number 5 represents grace! Ha! God is so good! He’s connecting the dots and I’m honored to be a part of the picture, along with those HE desires to impact through this assignment. It’s so much bigger than me!