Dream it!

Wow! It’s pretty Ironic that I’m making this post, on the day of my 24th year anniversary with General Motors. (3-27-95)

This past Monday, I was afforded an opportunity & DREAM I’ve envisioned for quite some time now. I thank GOD for every ounce of FAVOR leading up to this day. BEYOND what I imagined, asked or thought. I thank HIM for direction and wisdom every step of the way. I’m still a bit beyond words. The responses and love afterward was an overwhelming humbling experience. 550 ppl strong. #womenempoweringwomen A part of history in Women’s History Month.

It was all so divine. One day I’ll be able to share it all. This platform was TRULY by design. I’ve been EMPOWERED & SPARKED the MORE. I just wanted to thank many of you who celebrated this opportunity with me. Thank you, thank you!

Whatever dream or goal you have within, don’t let it die! Cultivate it. Speak life over it. Write your visions down. SEE IT before the manifestation. Know that timing is everything! Especially HIS timing. You won’t have to push through the door, It WILL open. Be empowered! Until then, BE A SPARK! 🙂 ~Shanell

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