Fashion Frenzy August!

Hey Y’all! Ok! So I’m super excited to blog about the fun in my 5heartbeats this month.  By the way, Happy August! Summer is STILL poppin. I don’t know about you, but I plan to enjoy it whenever I can. It doesn’t last always. Especially if you reside in the midwest parts like myself. Oooh pure Michigan, can bring some pure COLD when it’s ready!

Anyhoo! I love fashion. Don’t you? It’s fun. It’s fascinating when done right, and it’s inspiring. I love when I can doll up and do what I’m feeling in that moment. I work in the automobile industry. Yes a plant! On an average of six days a week, you can find me in blue jeans, baseball cap, one of my sons hand me down tee shirts and work boots LOL. However, when it’s time to doll up…I doll up! I often wish I worked in a profession where I could dress up more. My closet is overloaded with attire that I’ve either never worn or sported only a time or two. If only there were enough time or engagements to rock all I desire to, in my stash.

With this being said, I’ve decided to feature fashion and style for the month of August! Great reason to wear some of my attire that hangs in the closet, screaming to come out. Pun intended LOL Stay tuned to podcasts, photos, and vlogs this month in this regards. My aim is also to inspire others to be unique and embrace their style, or take it to another level. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive!

Not only will I feature my styles, but others that inspire me as well. I’m geeked about this!

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Let’s get it started! Let’s go. Fashion Frenzy! Hello August ?