Oh how this memory & image of Jeremiah and some of his friends he had JUST met brought me joy! ❤️6 years ago. They’ve grown so much since this pic!

The purity of young boys enjoying one another’s presence. Laughter, fun, teamwork, unity.

It’s important that we nurture this young generation of boys. Speak into their lives. Express the greatness of having good friendships. To encourage each other. Lift each other up. Root each other on. How they should not allow time and age divide them. Let no girl come between them. Celebrate each other’s strengths. Love each other because it is certainly alright! Empowering them that their lives matter. They are leaders and not followers.

Speak into their lives NOW that they are GOOD men! How they will make great husbands. Great fathers! That they will accomplish those dreams and goals they set out to achieve. That they will not have to die before their time because of the enemy who seeks to kill, steal and destroy.

Nurturing early on is necessary! Speak life. Our young men are mighty and my prayer is that they will embrace life as young adults, just as they do as young boys TOGETHER and not divided. ❤? #faith #friendship #unity