Funari New York! What a dope line! This brand has been featured in many fashion shows, blogs and magazines such as; Vogue, Bazaar and E Magazine to name a few. Lan of Fashion held a showcase during New York fashion week, where Funari New York kicked off the show. Jaw dropping apparel for men, women, kids and dogs! You mean a line where you can match with your family and your dog? Indeed! It was a pretty exciting time watching a fashion show that also included dogs in fashion. From pit bulls to poodles, the styles were spectacular!

Designer Janelle Funari has been into the fashion industry for 23 years. Her most recent versatile athletic collection, is 3 years new. As I witnessed this line coming down the runway, it was very hard to choose which was my favorite. Every outfit that hit the platform, left me longing to see more. From camo, fit and flare, patent leather, sherpa linings to vegan leather! Funari New York has a broad range of flare in this collection.

I had an opportunity to catch up with Janelle Funari for an exclusive interview behind the scenes. I knew when I laid eyes on the Funari New York line, that I had to connect with the designer behind the styles. Janelle’s brand is inspired from NYC city streets. She feels her apparel is needed for your everyday essential life living in the city. The pieces are not only fashionable but practical. The outfits can be worn day and night. Many of the pieces are technologically advanced. Materials that are comfy, breathable and the compression is recycled from bottles and crab legs! Saving waste and putting them to great use for a great brand. How inspiring!

At the Lan of Fashion show, Funari New York launched its fabulous dog bag. Janelle created this bag so you can leave your purse at home. A bag that holds most of your personal belongings and a larger pocket for your dog.

Check out the vlog interview with Funari New York on my youtube channel: @shanellhenry

You can find Funari New York on most social media outlets. IG:@funarinewyork