It Makes Good Scents!

Smelling pretty never goes out of style! When it comes to fashion and looking great, we should not neglect smelling lovely. Look amazing, smell even more amazing.

Have you ever smelled a fragrance on a friend that you totally felt like you HAD to have? What about the fragrances you spray on the paper blotters that make you go; oooh. What about the stranger that walks by and leaves a trail that’s to die for! You almost want to chase them down and ask; what is that you’re wearing?!

I just recently made a post on social media asking what some of the readers favorite scents were. There were many fragrances mentioned. Some I knew and loved, some I’ve never heard of, and others that I look forward to trying.

My top two favorites perfumes are; Jimmy Choo and CoCo Mademoiselle. They smell amazing! I love these scents. Most importantly, they love me back! Every time I wear these favorites, I get countless compliments. It never fails. This is when you know a scent, is YOUR scent! Unless of course you don’t care for the aroma that others are saying smells yummy on you.

Did you know that a perfume smells different on those paper blotters in the department store than it does on your skin. That’s why you should always try before you buy. The fragrance that smelled so wonderful on a friend or colleague, could wreak EEK on you. The smell of the stranger that made you go: oooh, could very well be booooo on you!  Have you ever wondered why a certain perfume you love doesn’t appear to love you back? The most important thing when choosing a new fragrance is that it must love you back. Always check the effect of a fragrance on your skin before parting with your money. This has recently hit home for me when I consider purchasing perfume or cologne for others. How do I actually know the fragrance will love them, like I love them?

So why does scent smell so different on everyone? The pH balance of the skin differs slightly, which can change the way a scent smells. I’ve heard that a scent can even be affected by your diet. Hormones are another factor that can alter your perfume’s characteristics. If you have a “normal” skin type (not dry or oily), you are likely to find that most perfumes will smell pretty true on the skin, but be aware that your pH, fluctuating hormones and diet could still affect the aroma throughout the month.

Interesting facts. So next time you run off to shop for a new fragrance. Don’t buy unless you try on your skin. Be sure the fragrance loves you back! It will make good scents for you and others you walk by. 🙂