Life Touch

This floral arrangement speaks to me every time I visit my mothers place! I purchased them for her dining room table. I remember the cashier that served me the day I purchased them. I complimented her hair.  She was so thrilled as if she hadn’t been complimented in awhile.

One week or two later, I heard a tragedy happened at that same store location. A murder suicide! Horrific. A female cashier gets shot and killed by her ex and he turns the gun on himself and takes his own life as well. Right in the store! My son and I drove by the murder scene and heard from bystanders outdoors, what had happened. With a heavy heart and prayers, all I could think about was my last visit there and hoped it wasn’t that same cashier that served me. Honestly, I just felt that it would be her. I just couldn’t shake it. 

A day later, they released the deceased cashier’s name and photograph. Saddened! It was her.

It’s been a couple of months now since this occurred and I still can’t bring myself to walk into that store that I used to frequently shop. However, whenever I go to my mother’s place and see this bouquet of flowers, I think of my last visit there. The importance of loving on people upon inspiration rather you know them or not! Having boldness to give someone a word of encouragement or even offer prayer if you feel led. We never know what people are going through or have been through. Be sensitive to the lives of people. Reach out and touch a life today. It could be their final days.  These flowers stir prayers within.

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