Yesterday you said tomorrow! What have you done today?

Oftentimes we talk about a desire more than we actually do it! When it comes to physical activity, it takes mental strength to get going. Our bodies are meant to move. It’s so important that we exercise. It’s good for us! Why do we buck against it?

People often equate exercise with just losing weight. Not so! There are many benefits to physical fitness. It improves mental strength, great for the heart, makes one stronger, helps build endurance, helps fight disease, builds self-esteem, builds muscle and so much more.

We only have one body and we’re the ones that have to live in it. Why not take care of it to the best of our ability? Don’t wait for a new year resolution. Don’t just talk about it, be about it! Get up and move. Set a goal and fight to meet it. Is it 2 times a week to begin? Thats a great start.

Walk, jog, sit-ups, jumping jacks, planks, jump rope…You can do tons of fitness moves right in the privacy of your own home. Most gyms allow you to workout for free your first visit. Search Groupon in your area for a fitness class. Working out with a group is always motivating. Whatever you choose to do, just do it. Make moves, not excuses. Just do it! You can. #fitness