Join me today in guarding your mind, your heart and your tongue. It all begins with a pure desire to GROW! If we could be honest with ourselves, we all have room to grow. It all stems from the heart.



verb over in order to protect or control.

At the top of our day we should prepare for battle! We could encounter an attack at some point throughout our day. We have the ability to think about the consequences of our behavior before acting on impulse. The power of choice! Let’s choose in advance to be the victor and not the victim.

  1. Guard your mind. YOU have the power to NOT entertain toxic thoughts and imaginations.
  1. Guard your heart. Recognize what offends and hurts you. Don’t be so quick to react. Pause, breath, let it go.
  1. Guard your tongue. Be slow to speak. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Think before you speak. Ask yourself: Will these words help and heal or harm?

Meditate on these steps today. Everyday for that matter. Once we master these steps, we could live more peaceable lives and save ourselves from unnecessary stress and drama. We CAN control and protect our mind, heart and tongue.

I’m rooting for you! Rooting for us.

Let’s grow!