Maaaaann…It happened so fast! It was my own fault. I remember thinking “not yet, hold on” but I did it anyhow. I even heard it before that this could happen! How did I not heed to the warning? 

At an instant my mind was flooded with so many thoughts!! Mostly regret and disbelief. I went into complete shock for about 1 long minute. I remember my husband panicking and coming to my aid. All I could say very calming under the circumstance was “Oh my God” smh 

When the shock began to wear off I remember feeling the pain begin. Then my prayers began. I remember feeling that I NEEDED to pray as if it were like medicine! It worked! The pain began to increase and decrease like a wave, just as my prayers. I prayed and moaned, prayed and moaned. I remember my husband nursing me with all of his heart. That too was like medicine. 

This is the worse burn I’ve ever experienced and hope to never encounter again. All because I removed the lid from my pressure cooker too soon! I was cooking one of my fave side dishes “greens”. Anxious, hungry, excited. Smh As I began releasing the lever I FELT it was too early and STILL I released it anyhow. Crazy! I’ll never forget it. 

This was about 2 years ago. I was off of work for about 2-3 weeks. Disabled from doing my norm daily duties. All because I was impatient. 

I held on to these images because I learned somethings from this incident that I will never forget. I also knew that one day I would share with others, for them to hopefully learn as well. 

So here you go. Patience is a virtue! No matter how anxious you get about what you feel you have to have, or can’t WAIT to have, if it’s not time it can cause damage! Patience. 

Heed to the warnings. Warnings are protectors. Taking a chance after being warned is foolishness! Especially when you FEEL like it ain’t right! Smh 

When you miss it and the pain is extreme, call out to God. Don’t beat yourself up and forget where your help comes from. That’s a distraction! God is a healer. Call on Him! He will deliver you and help you learn from your failure. You have to want to be delivered.

Lastly, be sure you’re around ppl who will jump to your aid when you’re in need. Someone that will help nurse you to better health! Mind.Body.Soul. Some folks want to see you hurt and in pain. Then there are others who are like medicine! They are just good for the soul and want to see you overcome and heal. Keep them close and show them your gratitude. They matter! 

Heed the warnings. Patience is a virtue. God is a healer! ⭐️❤️

That’s all I got! God inspired freestyle share! It was time. After 2 years- this is for somebody besides me. Press ON! 

God bless!