Time flies! Dare we NOT sit around and watch time fly by and miss out on everything we’ve been called to do. I’m recognizing the older one gets, the easier it is to become settled. I once heard it said before; “God doesn’t bless idleness, but faithfulness!”

No cliché, but we should all yearn to live each day to its fullest! We go to school, work, eat, sleep and start over. In and between our daily routine, what goals have we set out to accomplish? Does our grind measure up with our expectations? Do we even have goals that we’re focused on? Have we written them down? What are we saying out loud about our goals? It’s one thing to have a vision, and another to run with it.

We are halfway through the year! Look at the goals you’ve set to accomplish at the beginning of the year. Have you gotten far at all? Have you even budged? Don’t give up on those things you’ve set out to do. It’s never too late to refocus and begin grinding like you want it. Don’t look for other people to fuel your fire, like you can fuel your own! You got this, now get it. You versus YOU! Refocus and grind like you want it.