Greetings All!

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a written blog entry. I felt strongly that today was a great day, to just sit down and pour from the heart. When I first accepted the assignment to blog 5heartbeats, I knew it would be by inspiration only through various ways. Frequent or infrequently, I’m committed to the cause for this season.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been productive with much. While at the same time, I’ve also felt stuck! High energy and then zapped! Feeling up to the grind one minute and the next,  just wanting to push away from it all.  I’m not sure if age is catching up with me or the lack of Vitamin D “no sun”. LOL

I’ve been working my (Faith) in many areas, doing my best to balance (Family) life even beyond my household, (Fitness) I’m pushing to become better daily, (Friendships) being sensitive to serve those who need it most in this season, and (Fun) I’ve got to have it.  It keeps me youthful and is much like medicine, as is laughter.

As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and all the other hats I wear, I truly just long to be the best God has called me to be. In all transparency, I have moments when I feel so discouraged. Feelings of a non-stop fight to measure up in every area, and all at the same time. This can be overwhelming and overrated! When I’m experiencing these lows, the enemy/satan himself, surely does his share of whispering lies in my ear. That’s when I snap out of myself and tap into the grace giver! Jesus. The one that rules and reigns my mind and heart. The one who measures up for me and dwells within. He says to cast our cares upon Him. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

We don’t have to entertain the lies of the enemy, nor allow our emotions to rule us!  I wanted to share my heart in this regards. Earlier today I had to snap out of it. I was having a field day in my emotions. Thank God for the convictions that quickly took over. I’m MUCH better when I’m ran by convictions vs. emotions.

For those of you who need this encouragement today, YOU are MORE than a conqueror! Take one day at a time.  We all have our moments of traveling the route from the valley to the mountaintop. But guess who’s ALWAYS there? God! He’ll never leave us nor forsake us. So rest in that and be sure to cast your cares on Him. He’ll lighten the burden you may be carrying. Remember to stay sensitive to your convictions. Snap out of it when your emotions begin to rule. Rise up and shine! Put your dukes up. Fighting with you and for you.

Much love and God’s best!