She Empowers Me

💫She empowers me! We’re more alike than we are different. She often has to remind me that SHE is the mother not me!😳 Lord help me. 😩If only a camera were rolling at times. Today I just wanted to esteem & honor the woman who helped shaped who I am today.

LOVE superseded every materialistic thing I could have had. Her LOVE as a single parent, was more than enough for what I was missing from that absent father. To this day, she never misses a beat expressing her love. Daily phone calls. Voicemails that I can’t bring myself to delete❤️😭. Her sense of humor🤣, her soft skin🥰, her giving heart❤️, her freedom to just be who she is! 💯Fatty☺️

I call her healed. I call her whole. I call her blessed. I call her my shero! She’s won battles that many lost. She’s overcome struggles and continues to persevere. I’m proud of mom! I’m grateful to have her to hold, to hug, to listen, to touch. Today I’m grateful for the role she played and continues to play in my life…#mother I ❤️ you. #mood
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