I will never forget the day “a tree” spoke to me. Yes a tree!  One mid afternoon as I sat in my vehicle, awaiting my child at his school. My eyes were drawn to this tree, that had very little leaves left on it. (The actual tree photographed with this blog). My spirit man began being ministered to. These leaves once had PURPOSE. Going through a transition in this SEASON, they are yet holding on in SURVIVAL mode until their time of completion. They’ve been through SEASONS “Spring” and “Summer” and began to fade into becoming even more beautiful before their last phase of completion.

With different phases (seasons) of the falling away (purging) of leaves… for these leaves in particular, it isn’t their time! Until they fade and fall away from living out their PURPOSE of this SEASON, they hold on to survive. Even in their survival mode, they’ve been used to speak without words.

This tree has PURPOSE! In this season it loses its leaves in order to survive the WINTER. Rather it be full of green leaves, full of amber leaves, or naked..it is still standing! Rooted, grounded, living its purpose in this SEASON. Right where it’s been planted! Without words it has spoken. Through every season of transition; be it hot, cold, blowing winds, storms, ice…it still stands! Rooted and grounded. Survival mode!

Lord thank you for every SEASON! We hold fast to our PURPOSE in YOU. Our only means of true SURVIVAL in this life, is to stay and stand rooted and grounded in YOU. Through storms, winds that blow, peaceful seasons or through the storm… we stay abiding in YOU. In doing so, we will reach the heavens and many others, even without words. #faith #purpose #season #survival